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Non-Nickel Lever Lock Type Info Page

To ensure you select suitable door hardware for your project, we encourage you to view our Door Hardware Selection Guide. In this guide, we’ll help direct you in selecting the right door hardware, catering to your style and design language.


Note: Images are for hardware and finish illustration purposes only - different models may be shown.

This Door Lever is available in four different lock types:

Dummy Set (Fixed):
- No latch included, non-rotating mechanism.
- Ideally used for wardrobes, cabinets, linen cupboards etc.

Passage Set:
- Non-locking latch mechanism for easy access.
- Ideally used for bedrooms, offices, living rooms, kitchens etc.

Privacy Set (Passage Set + Privacy Snib):
- Includes Passage Set and separate Privacy Snib with lockable square latch for privacy use.
- Ideally used for bathrooms, bedrooms, or wherever privacy is required.

Mortice Set:
- Locking mechanism with keys.
- Ideally used for lockable, heavier duty doors.

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