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Luxury Living in Cosmopolitan Perth at Its Finest

In an age where we are all too familiar with the idea of the proverbial buried treasure when it comes to the fixer-uppers we choose and the renovations we pay dearly for, new builds are often overlooked. Hoping we can garner the best of both worlds, merging age-old quality and uniqueness while making our homes reflections of ourselves, fuels the hope of uncovering something beautiful, shrouded beneath the scourges of age and wear.

We look for character that typically only age can impart, timestamped features and layouts, one-of-a-kind windows, handsome balustrading, a mid-century fireplace that seems almost untouched, or a craftsman porch that invites you under its shade on a hot day. Sometimes we even stumble upon grand rooms, once used for the types of hosting and entertainment that we could only scarcely imagine today, and how can we forget the charm of a back staircase leading to the second floor, from the kitchen, of all places!

It's easy to see why, despite the blood, sweat and tears required, so many of us are drawn to these projects; it's even more apparent when most of what we're presented with, in terms of new builds, fall short, leaving us wondering if we'll be able to tap into the quality and character of the older homes we love while being able to have everything we want on our present-day wishlists. 

Thankfully, with Passio Interiors creating bespoke, timeless interior pieces for your homes, you can rest assured that your creations, however new, will have every bit of depth and craftsmanship you're looking for. As we’re dedicated to the craft of hardware, high-quality and timeless style can be placed front and centre. In these details and design choices, you'll find the confidence to create anew, knowing your homes and the quality pieces you adorn them with will last through generations, proving themselves both beautiful and strong for your children and grandchildren to enjoy and admire.


You can see the marks of this trend, infusing new homes with tailor-made character, so clearly in this stunning new build nestled in a vibrant and bustling suburb in the cosmopolitan, cultured and coffee-loving city of Perth, Western Australia, designed and executed by Distinct Building Co.

Explore a take on modern design through this brand new home project and discover the effect of Nickel hardware in your designs and more.

Living Space

This new build, which could easily be described as a scandi-modern triumph, bursts with custom detail and presents us with a seamless merging of warmth and modernity. Throughout the home, classic elements like cornice moulding, wall trim and shaker cabinets provide a warm backdrop, giving decorative components a place to shine. White, oak and stone feed that nordic aesthetic, while vaulted ceilings, contemporary lighting and fixtures allow the home to dance on a line between hygge and high fashion.

The open layout delivers excellent light and a sense of expansiveness central to many of our new-aged desires. Yet, it does so while preserving cosy corners to tuck away on a favourite lounge or soft rug. The oversized patio doors leading from the dining room collapse in on themselves, calling you to a lush backyard lined by a colorbond privacy fence finished in a soft black, punctuating the space and giving us a sense of being comfortably contained.

Nickel cabinet hardware can effortlessly uplift any space due to its ease of coalescence with almost every design element, providing the quality and integrity that our homes deserve, but in a package that allows us to bridge what is timeless and what is modern, without having to second guess.


The bathroom provides us with a sleekness that creates a real commotion when it comes to the hardware. The Polo Knob compliments the cool cleanness of the grey stone tile that dresses the floors and walls. The Nickel finish on the hardware effortlessly uplifts the grey stone, and the ridged glass of the shower nods to the texture of the diamond-cut knobs. Likewise, a gentle rhythm is present between the arched entryway, rounded sinks, circular lighting and mirrors, all actors supported by the spherical shape of the hardware, which gives a softness and cohesiveness to this room that reinforces the incredible attention to design detail. 


The laundry room also employs the Polo Handle vertically in the same nickel finish on tall white cabinets. We also see the Polo Knob utilised on the lower oak cabinets. These knobs boast the same nickel finish and are also dressed with the gorgeous diamond-cut detailing; these, paired with the soft grain of the oak, make for a truly special union. 

The characteristics of this home, from the clean white walls to the cool grey stone, wood accents, glazed tile, stainless fixtures and lighting, open concept layout, and the soft textures of the furniture and accents, work wonderfully with our Polo Handles, T-Bars, Knobs and Deer Shaped Hooks in the Nickel finish to elevate and complete this space.


The true gem of any home, as we all know, is the kitchen, and there is no exception in this build; here and in the adjacent pantry, we see the Polo Handles and Polo T-Bar Knobs being used to elevate and lend functionality to this space. The diamond-cut details on the handles are positioned centrally between the smoothly polished ends. Not only is this beautiful, but the diamond cut texture gives a nice, tactile resistance when grasped, which is where this design's beauty and functionality merge. The handles are used horizontally on the white lower drawers in the kitchen and on a tall upright cabinet in the pantry. The T-Bar Knobs are used vertically on the kitchen and pantry's lower cabinets. The kitchen is sleek and inviting, which lends well to the style story highlighted by the exquisite hardware.

Nickel is a critical design choice, echoing a sense of sleekness and modernity while remaining warm and approachable. The Nickel finish is known for its lustre and ability to merge transitional styles; this project is no exception. We aim to effortlessly assist elemental juxtaposition and transitional styles, demonstrated wonderfully by our Polo Range with its edgeless and beautifully nickel surface nestled beside uniquely modern diamond-cut details.

Aside from the quality of materials and the distinct designs made for the present day, it's this balancing act between textures and finishes that we endeavour to master. Passio Interiors' hardware range in the Nickel finish can effortlessly uplift any space due to its ease of coalescence with almost every design element, providing the quality and integrity that our homes deserve, but in a package that allows us to bridge what is timeless and what is modern, without having to second guess.

Build by @distinctbuildingco
Photography by @finessepropertyphotography

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