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5 Top Interior Design Trends of 2022

This year, we expect to see interior design trends that gently echo some of the things many have missed most: tranquillity and connection.

As the world attempted to move through the challenges of 2021, lurching forward and often, disappointingly retreating backward, our most steadfast love, interior design, only forged ahead. Interior design has moved, in juxtaposition to most of us, with grace and ease, into 2022 with what seems like an almost universal taste, if not hunger, for nature, joy, warmth, and comfort that has us remembering we're all more alike than we are different. Read ahead to discover the design trends we think will dominate 2022!

1. Bringing the Outside In

There are few things more peaceful than being in nature. With the exponential rise in the amount of time we now spend indoors, it only makes sense that we’ve started to bring the outside in. While many of us have recently attempted to channel our inner green thumb (either out of interest or sheer boredom), our horticultural endeavours remind us just how powerful plants and greenery can be. These living things undeniably positively affect our mood, but can also act as a powerful design tool. Wood tones are the natural extension of this trend, with many spaces being filled to the brim with grain of every kind, making us feel a sense of serenity only the forest floor could compete with.

Interior Design by CLO Studios
Photography by Jessie Prince

Although trends are ever-evolving, staples like Scandinavian form and functionality, brass details, and vintage treasures aren't going anywhere soon. Fortunately, many of these much-loved aspects still fit nicely into the renewed and collective sense of style that 2022 brings.

2. Tons of Texture

Whether it's a plastered wall, a jute rug, the rough edge of a wooden beam, or the beautiful patina on a worn leather couch, texture evokes a connection to our surroundings that we can't get any other way. The use of texture softens our spaces, giving us the perfect place to land at the end of our day, and building on the trend toward moving nature indoors. Elements like exposed brick, stone floors, and linen bedding have genuinely stood the test of time and continue to help us feel grounded and connected to the world around us.

Interior Design by CLO Studio
Photography by Anastasia Kariofyllidis

3. Brass & Warm Metallics

Reminding us of the finer things in life, brass hardware and warm metallics are here to stay. What started as a revival of a mid-century trend is now a bona fide staple in our homes. These inviting accents can level up any design style and suit a bohemian or contemporary space. With their popularity soaring and holding steady, we are now lucky enough to find these finishes available in everything from mirrors to hardware to lighting. This trend is going strong!

Building & Design by Front Porch Properties
Photography by Villa Styling Studio

4. Warmth & Wallpaper over Whitewash

While our love of white and neutral tones aren't going anywhere soon, warm colours and wallpaper with bold prints inject brightness and a sense of aliveness that feels well-timed and much appreciated. Shades of mustard and terracotta stand out in an impactful yet muted way. Bold printed wallpapers make a powerful statement while also supporting an eclecticism that's been building for a few years now. These colours and patterns extend to textiles and art, and their inherent sense of fun gives us permission to mix and match with what we love most, regardless of their origin or what design style they belong to. The best part about this trend is that you can take as little or as much of it as you'd like, and the resulting amount of joy will be the same. These elements promise to lift our spirits while doing the same for our spaces.

Interior Design by Studio Trio
Photography by Maree Homer Photography

5. Tradition Reigns

Some of us have felt that yearning for home more than ever in recent years. Even if you didn't grow up in a traditionally styled home, many of the TV shows and films of youth have ensured that most of us feel a particular affinity to a relatively common atheistic. Of course, the imprint of these prevalent, more traditional designs never really leave us, but we are seeing a strong push towards traditional styles that hasn't felt this impactful in a while. Incorporating antiques, skirted furniture, and overstuffed couches ensure a timeless and comfortable feel. Get ready to see more flair than we're used to observing in these spaces; we're thinking unexpected patterns and pops of colour. This mix feels timely, and the shift doesn't feel forced. We invite nostalgia and welcome this nod towards that feeling of home inside a classic, yet modern representation.

Interior Design by Studio Trio
Photography by Maree Homer Photography

Final Words

Broadly speaking, the themes in our style choices may be more commonly aligned than ever, perhaps because we've all shared such a common experience in recent years. Overall, 2022 has so much to offer in design and in life. We feel a strong pull towards nature, feeling warm and grounded, embracing the small indulgences, all while relishing our own homes' deep and satisfying comfort. Now, more than ever, our homes are our own personal sanctuaries, and we can’t wait to see how the year unfolds, and how these design trends make their way into your space!

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