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From Outdated to Outstanding: An Epic Kitchen Renovation in Christchurch

There's nothing like a kitchen refresh to bring us into autumn and back into the heart of the home. Unsurprisingly, a kitchen renovation can influence everything, often providing a renewed sense of purpose; we immediately feel motivated to attempt that new recipe and become eager to complete the most basic tasks, romanticizing the putting away of dishes and cleaning countertops. Kitchens are a critical space functionally, and in terms of the overall feel and design of our homes as a whole; in many aspects, our kitchens act as an anchor, a statement that reverberates throughout the rest of the house. 

This Christchurch kitchen started out as many kitchens do, warm and familiar but dated, slightly cramped and lacking the polish and ease of use many of us crave. While it's fun to envision the changes that will take our spaces to the next level, the execution is where the hard work goes in. For these reasons and more, a kitchen project is an exciting yet daunting prospect as we hold the other rooms in our house hostage, wondering how long we can live without it.

Our Soleil T-Bars and Soleil Handles in the Nickel finish truly elevate the white shaker cabinets, giving old-world charm with a twist.

Gorgeous folding windows welcome the outside in and, no doubt, place entertaining in the garden front of mind. The cool-toned benchtop, splashback, and flooring echo the light throughout, making what seemed like a rather tight galley kitchen into an open and seemingly vast space. 

Our Soleil Knobs and Handles in the Nickel finish truly elevate the white shaker cabinets, giving old-world charm with a twist; the knobs are used on the lower drawers and cabinets, and the handles are used on the larger cabinetry pieces, like the tall pantry. This choice of hardware pulls the features of the space together while reinforcing the tones of white and the gorgeous grey running through the benchtop.

The style decision to use Passio's Soleil range of hardware indeed paid off. Our Soleil line is used throughout the kitchen; forged from heavy, solid brass, cold to the touch and with a soft Nickel finish. The hardware complements the cooler toned elements and brings a sense of polish and sophistication, creating an undeniably refined composition. Additionally, the hardware helps create a space that feels crisp and clean while holding onto a sense of warmth and timeless quality; our Soleil collection acts as the team captain, bringing the room's components together for an exceptional finale.  

This transformation is a testament to what thoughtful design can do in a small space, and what small pieces like hardware can do to punctuate, elevate and bring a style story together. It's often the small touches, and those made with purpose and quality, that bring the most to our lives and our spaces and for that, we are so thrilled to see our hardware leading the charge in this gorgeous renovation. 

Interior Design: @___katecarter.interiordesign
Photography: @kateclaridgephotography

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