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Coastal Aesthetics Glowed In the Lake House Renovation

A Project By The Block 2021’s Kirsty and Jesse

The coastal kitchen aesthetic never tires; it continues to give us a lightness and freshness that cannot be achieved by any other means, whether the home sits on the coast or not. This trend has developed through many iterations over the decades and shows no sign of slowing down.

What has changed in the coastal design space is the need for touches of sophistication and elevation that, in the past, it has sometimes lacked. There is something exceptional about the gleam of stone countertops and immaculate brass hardware against natural fibres, bleached wood floors, the echo of white sand, and the ocean's blue-green reflection.

In collaboration with high school sweethearts - The Block 2021’s Kirsty and Jesse - Passio Interiors worship the coastal kitchen gods with their line of Freya Handles & Knobs in the gorgeous Lakehouse project. With that namesake, it's no surprise that the mythological goddess Freya is famous for her fondness of love, beauty, and fine possessions. In their very composition, the Freya Handles & Knobs are a mix of elegance and earthiness, much like the new age coastal vibe itself. This hardware is as refined as it is warm, with a mixture of smooth brass, elongated ridged ends, and sleek trumpet-like legs.

Our Freya Handles and Knobs are a mix of elegance and earthiness,
much like the new age coastal vibe itself.

Made of solid brass and with a satin finish, this flawless hardware adds a bespoke uniqueness that pulls together the light and airy components of the room with the more tactile elements. White-washed rattan pendants rest over the gorgeous stone island, and wood-tone wicker bar stoolinvite you to be seated for a beautiful lunch or delicious morning coffee; the breezy linen curtains remind us that we must be by the ocean, and the refined wood grain ground us in the nature that is undoubtedly surrounding us.

Supporting this continuation of a style movement that invites the most beautiful parts of the natural world indoors, Passio Interiors’ hardware effortlessly makes its mark. Combining the most stunning aspects of nature, modern living, and expert craftsmanship, Passio Interiors marry and elevate styles in every project they are involved with and heighten the elements of coastal design and every design narrative where they have a role.

Design, Build & Photography: Kirsty & Jesse Anderson

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