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Bronze Fixtures: A Non-Negotiable in Today's Designs

With our busy lives and the ever-growing awareness that we should focus on rest and mindfulness, the places we sleep, take refuge and unwind after a long day while preparing for the next have become more important than ever. As a result, bedrooms that extend outward and become more than just a place to sleep are a common desire for many homeowners, and we see them continue to rise to the top of renovation wishlists everywhere.

In this modern yet natural bathroom, and from some angles, almost desert chic renovation, we witness how one can revitalise these intimate spaces. The renovation exudes serenity, with its subdued neutral palette, earthy stone, sleek wood accents, exquisite tilework, and a luxurious soaking tub that could easily transport you to another dimension.

These delicate features are skillfully counterbalanced with the necessary heft provided by the splendid solid brass Passio hardware, in our signature Bronze finish. Our Bevan Cabinet Handles and Matteo Door Levers contribute to the charming ambiance of the space, showcasing their refined yet robust craftsmanship against the backdrop of the doors and drawers.

There is no doubt that the Bronze finish is experiencing a style comeback, and given its attributes, that's no surprise. Bronze provides richness while remaining neutral; it is warm yet strong and offers a weight that can root any space in sophistication and presence. 

Our bedrooms, ensuites and wardrobes have become our sanctuaries. Whether these spaces are vast, or we've managed to expertly arrange them into smaller footprints, the details and the quality of small details truly matter. Looking to the future, it's exciting to see the attention on bespoke quality pieces, the reviving of traditional finishes and composing our homes to be one-of-a-kind reflections of ourselves and how we want our surroundings to feel, especially those areas that provide us with the respite and recovery we all desperately need and look forward to. 

Design & Build: @pmconcepts.official
Photography: @mgk_photographer

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