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A Must-See Office Makeover: Brass Accents Steal the Show

If the last few years have taught us anything, it's the value of a home office. Whether we work from home full-time, on an as-needed basis, or run our entire business from our abode, our productivity can rely heavily on feel and functionality. Our home offices should be places we want to be, areas that make us feel calm, inspired and capable; after all, a well-designed home office can make all the difference in supporting us in producing our very best work.

This contemporary office is one for the books; imagining a more expertly executed project is a difficult, if not impossible, task. Firstly, the layout and use of space are marvellous, allowing an open concept shared workspace in a relatively modest footprint as well as a more private shared office, kitchenette and boardroom. The space also hits a high note in mixing modern and moody elements like the dark cabinetry, alongside gorgeous warm aspects like the chevron patterned wood floor and our Cassia Solid Brass handles in the Satin Brass finish.

The weighty, elongated Cassia Handles continue to infiltrate the kitchen, flanking the larger cabinets and drawers. This time, the warm metal bar rests on two polished spheres that seem to float on the cabinet face.

Seeing the satin brass finish of the handles up against the deep-toned cabinetry heralds back to when mid-century glamour took center stage. It's so refreshing to see these richer elements juxtaposed against the more modern aspects of white and stone we're used to seeing today. 

This perfect balance between the rich and light elements gives visual interest, but also surrounds us in inspiration which is precisely what lends itself best to the working environment. Our brass hardware can find its place anywhere; it can deepen classic, more masculine design and perfectly lend warmth and whimsy to feminine influences while bridging any gap and offering its glow to more minimalist and modernist choices.

Our Cassia Solid Brass Handles offer a luxury feel to any project while offering a unique composition not often found in this market. They effortlessly support every style choice from traditional to modern, with a promise of refinement, depth and playfulness we could all use a little more of, especially while we work. 

Design, Build & Photograph: @beyondbuildconstructions

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