Coastal Farmhouse with Passio Interiors Brass Hardware by Front Porch Properties

Coastal Farmhouse with Passio Interiors Brass Hardware by Front Porch Properties

In design, much like in life, it’s common for us to become distracted by the more substantial elements of our surroundings. As we plan our renovations, we grapple, sometimes for months or even years, on aspects like layout. We struggle to decide if the flooring should be oak or birch, and if the width of plank will look dated in 5 years. Most frustratingly, we ponder which of the three-thousand shades of white will perfectly achieve that effortless minimalist vibe we’re looking for, all the while speculating, how many downlights is too many downlights in a kitchen?

While we can’t underestimate the importance of these large design components, it’s often the small things that make the largest and most profound impact in the end. Nowhere in design is it easier to see this demonstrated than through the beautifully crafted architectural hardware of Passio Interiors.  

Specializing in these essential finishing touches, Passio Interiors hardware absolutely sings in a recent coastal farmhouse project by Front Porch Properties. Our unique and expertly fabricated hardware could not have found a better place to shine than in this relaxed, modern, coastal style home. 

We start this journey in the heart of the home. Passio’s brass cabinetry pulls and knobs are used throughout the kitchen, inviting the cool tones of the cabinets to consider their warmth.

The imposing oak island reflects this warmth with its gorgeous colour and grain. The sleek yet substantial Kia 234mm Pulls - KIA-005 were installed vertically on the tall cabinets, with the Kia 200mm Pulls - KIA-004 installed on the lower drawers.

The Hans Round Knobs - HAN-005 with knurled detail punctuate the upper cabinets with a subtle and minimal feel. 

In the laundry room, an often overlooked area, we see the continuation of the design theme with the warmth of the brass hardware brushing up against the cool blue cabinetry.

The wood and stone components support the brass pulls in creating soft edges around the room. The Kia 234mm Pulls - KIA-005 and the Hans Round Knobs - HAN-005 with knurled detail were used throughout.

This style story concludes in the bathroom where the Bevan 230mm Pulls - BEV-012 are used on a sleek oak vanity against a backdrop of clean, minimalist lines. The fine quality textured Bevan pulls have added a layer of interest that elevates the space, and leave us wondering what other treasures can be spotted around this sensational build. 

At Passio, we prove that hardware is fundamental to the story we tell through the most sacred of spaces, our homes. While every facet of a space must work together to make the design story complete, We ensure that hardware cannot be overlooked or underestimated. These exquisite architectural pieces sit like jewellery on the hand that is your home. In their craft, we deliver a message about the fact that hardware needs to not only be functional, but also holds the power to convey an unmatched depth of style, perched high, like the crown jewels of your project. 


230mm Bevan Brass Handle

35mm Round Hans Brass Knob

200mm & 234mm Kia Brass Handle